Stand up working is popular trend from europe to US.
The standing desk provide a ergonomic way of warking and can reduce the risk of weight gain, obesity related dieases and even chronic back pain.
To standing work for a peroid of time, if it's on concrete floor will cause an unsmooth and poor venous circulation.
Therefore, office anti-fatigue is a cooperated solution , and using with standing desk.
office mat stand working red color
Promattng - Office mat anti-fatigue perfect
There are something you should know:
1. Stand up working does not means you have to stand all day long. Walk around and sit for a while is also needed.
2. Standing and sitting time is better to controlled by 3:1, standing more than 6 hours a day is not recommended.
3. It's necessary to have cushion under feet while standing to prevent swelling in calf caused by standing.
4. Keep subtle movements during standing, for example, put your weight on one of your foot and switch to another casually.
In the end, remember to have one office mats when purchasing standing desk. It's like doing yoga must have a yoga mat to facilitate  your work.