Over 65% of business choose Looper Logo Mats as an start.

loop logo mat hotel dark gray color

Loop logo mat of Golden Season Hotel design by Promatting 


According to a survey of Promatting, about 65% of business owner choose to decorate the entrance of company by Loop Logo Mat. The Reason is simple, Loop Logo Mats are suiting for outdoor entrance and with brilliant dust controll effect. It's a importnat sign to welcome your guest and  promote your brand awarewaness at the same time. 


Brand promotion

Loop logo mat is like one "Advertising channel”. As more customers visit you entrance, as more conversion rate increase. That's why you need Promatting precisely made for your buiness. When there is a door, then there needs a Mat of your's.


Enhance brand identity

A researcher said that when people choose a product, up to 90% of buyers rely on visual impressions, 84.7% are based on color.  80% of people said that the color of logo helps them to remember the brand.

By ordering your first logo mat, and enhance your brand identity with Promatting now. We ship to every cities in Vietnam from Lào Cai to Phú Quốc island. If you live in Hoàng Sa or Trường Sa Island, please also don't hesitate to contact us. 


Loop logo mat dark gray and yellow colorLoop logo mat of Golden Season Hotel design by Promatting 

Material of Loop Logo Mat




The Loop Logo Mat is made by inlay process. The logo is glued and heat-pressed to enforce the connnection strength of loop wireds.

The text and picture become rised naturelly and make the line of your logo vivid.

We have more than 24 standard colors for loop logo mat and for printed loop logo mat is full-colored.


Promatting - Luxury and impressive

Promatting has a detailed design team for professional customers. They are professionally trained designers and have years of industry experience. The design team will assist you to design and make the most beautiful and impressive logo mat, based on your requirements.